Monday, June 22, 2015

Travel Destination | Kotor

If some of you don't know where Kotor is, it's in Montenegro next to Serbia on the Mediterranean coast. Basically it's a small town by the sea, which is absolutely gorgeous.

To me this place feels like somewhere you go to if you're looking to recuperate and rest from a hectic lifestyle in the city (for example). It's calming and relaxing. The landscape in Kotor is breathtaking. Eventhough it's a peaceful place, there are lots of activities to do. For example there are endless different walks to do along the coast and discovering cute places to eat or to swim. You can also go  kayaking, paddling, biking etc.
Where I was specifically there was no party life, which I really enjoyed, because I needed that stillness. But if you take the car for about 45 minutes you arrive at the port, where there is a lot going on (night life)!
Unlike my previous post about Berlin, I have only one recommendations, since the hotel (Hotel Palazzo Radomiri) I stayed at was great!

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