Monday, October 26, 2015

Discovering The World Of Glossier

Hello beauty loves! Sorry for being MIA last week... I was super busy with school and work. But today we're going to talk about new discoveries. Glossier, I'm sure many of you have heard this name appear a few times amongst bloggers (no wonder, it's amazing). It was only time for me to finally jump onto the band wagon and try there products out for myself. It's hard nowadays to find a brand that does basic essentials, that everyone needs in their beauty cupboard. This brand I feel is perfect for the everyday girl, that doesn't want to waste time and can use one brand for everything.

Priming Moisturizer this does exactly what it says on the packaging. It hydrates the skin and gives you that dowey glow before applying your makeup. I love it, because it really feels like t's doing something to my skin and I can layer products over it and it will never feel heavy on my skin. It's a simple product that really gives you results.

The Balm Dotcom if I'm going to be totally honest, this has replaced my Bite lip mask. Although both of them do pretty much the same thing, I much prefer the consistency of the Glossier one. It's not as thick and sticky as the Bite one. What's great about it too is that you can use it anywhere, it's a really multi use product (I use it on my cuticles too). And the one I have smells like Coconut (Yaaas)!

Moisturizing Moon Mask if you ever need a little pick me up, because your skin is feeling a bit dull, this is your guy. This will literally brighten up your skin and make your face feel as plump as a baby's bum...(lol) If I had to pick one of Glossier's products, I think it would be this one. Everyone needs a good face mask in their skincare.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack I used this mask, when I started having breakouts again (the struggle is real) and it really help minimize the pimple and calm down the redness that sometimes occurs. You know when you use clay masks how they tend to make your face feel very stiff after using them, wright? This one surprisingly made my skin feel super soft and not dry at all.

Have any of you tried any Glossier products? What did you think of them?

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