Monday, February 8, 2016

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

I've always heard great things about ColourPop's eyeshadows, but recently they've been having quite some talk about their matte liquid lipstick range. I wasn't that familiar with the brand, except from the one eyeshadow I owned, which I loved, because of the creaminess and how easy it was to apply. When I went on their website to see the selection of shades they had to offer in their lipstick range, I was shocked! They have so many options from nudes to crazy colours like blues and greens. But what caught my eye and urged the purchase was the price, 6$ for a liquid lipstick (What?!)! If you go on the Sephora website you won't find any under 20$ (except the Sephora brand). Needless to say I got five, and I love them.

The Ultra Matte Lips are like the name suggests matte liquid lipsticks. Compared to other liquid lipstick formulas these ones have a very watery consistency, which aren't the easiest to apply. But the applicator is really small, which makes you have much more control of the application. They take around 30 seconds to dry completely matte. If you have to retouch once they've set, it's not a problem. They glide on very smoothly and won't make your lipstick look patchy. But beware of the colour Succulent, don't try reapplying, because it won't look cute and you'll have a mess. Once they have set they feel very velvety on the lips and last for about 6 hours or more if you don't eat, before they start to crack and come off a bit. But like I said you can reapply throughout the day. Again I don't know why but the color Succulent is my favorite color, but it's the worst out of all, it doesn't feel velvety like the other shades and it starts cracking. My lips look very wrinkly and dried up after only an hour of wear. For some reason it's not as flexible on the lips. None of the shades are patchy when you apply them, two layers is enough to get an even application.

Solow (from top to bottom) is a pinky nude. It's darker then your usual pink nudes. And makes your lips look very full and plump.

Clueless is the classic Kylie lip color (in my opinion). It's a dark nude, with a brown undertone. It's almost like a mauvy pink.

Bumble is this intense brick shade. If you're looking for a neutral shade this is not it. It has a very warm undertone and would look great on darker skin tones.

Beeper is this brownish taupe colour. I would compare it to Mac's styled in sepia. Usually not what I would go for but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and surprisingly it's one on my favorite shades.

Succulent is an vibrant orangy-red shade. I love these kind of shades, because they really stand out. It's super neon and you won't go unnoticed with this shade.

Have you tried any of their shades? What did you think?

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