Monday, March 7, 2016

Brand Focus Alpha H

I'm always up to trying new skincare, it's my obsession what can I say. But recently I've been bored with the products in my routine, which made me what to explore something completely new and different to me. I've heard of the brand Alpha H, but never really tried anything from them except their Liquid gold toner (which I love). So I decided to get a kit (it's usually cheaper getting a kit) with an entire skincare routine, to really test out the brand correctly.

Balancing Cleanser With Aloe Vera New favorite cleanser (after my Oskia Renaissance Cleanser)! This is the most gentle makeup removing cleanser I have ever tried. If you are extremely sensitive this is for you, but works great for all skin types. What I love is that it has a milky texture, which means there is no oily feeling or residue left on the skin, but it's still effective. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated but still clean (not stripping). I have a lot of redness on my cheeks and the Aloe Vera really helps calm it down.  

Liquid Gold With Glycolic Acid All the products I've tried from Alpha H are great for sensitive skin. When I read the description of the liquid gold toner, it kind of reminded me of the Fab Facial Radiance Pads and Pixi Glow Tonic. Similar to those it brightens the skin, reduces pore size, diminishes pigmentation and sun damage. But when it comes to getting rid of acne or blemishes this one is much more efficient, I was really surprised because I used it for a week and I could clearly see the difference in my skin.

Balancing Moisturizer And Gentle Exfoliant If you're like me and suffer from breakouts or acne, this is ideal for you. I've really noticed how I've been getting less pimples and my skin has felt smoother. It's supposed to be great for acne scars, pores, hyperpigmentation and age spots. It also says that it hydrates but I haven't personally felt that my skin was more hydrated, but it did make it feel smoother. I wouldn't recommend using it every day, because it can be a little harsh on the skin. Every time I use it I have this tingling sensation on the face, it feels very refreshing, I love when products react, because it makes me think they are actually working.

Balancing and Pore Refining Mask Great for all skin types (oily or dry). Literally does what it says, I've seen a noticeable difference in the size of my pore around my nose. I've been using it for a month and my pores are definitely smaller than when I started using it. It's the type of product that works better with time. I thought it was a little strange, because when I removed the mask my skin felt really clean, like it got rid of all the impurities, but I could still feel there was a layer of product remaining, which felt really moisturizing (it didn't strip my skin at all). Anyways I really enjoyed using it and still do once a week, because you can see results!

Have you tried any of the Alpha H range? What did you think?

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