Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oskia Renaissance Line

Hello beauty lovers! Hope you all had a great start to the week. In today's post I wanted to talk about one of my all time favorite skincare brands. Recently I finished my favorite cleanser (sad times), which meant I had to repurchase it. While browsing on Cult Beauty I saw a set they were offering, which interested me, because it was three products (cleanser, mask and hand cream) from the same line as my cleanser. And all full size products.

Oskia Renaissance Cleanser Gel Like many beauty bloggers, I have fallen in love with this cleanser. It's extremely gentle on the skin and does not foam (you want to stay away from foaming cleanser). Although the name suggests that it's a gel, don't be fooled by it, because it has more of a gel to oil texture. It comes out like a gel, but once you massage it onto the skin it turns into an oil. When you remove it with warm water it emulsifies into this milky texture. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling nourished, plumped and calmed.

Oskia Renaissance Hand Cream I love the smell of the hand cream. It's really moisturizing, but I don't really like using it during the day, because it can feel a little greasy. I prefer applying it before bed. The color of the product is pink, but doesn't have the same texture as the cleanser and mask, it's more of a standard hand cream.

Oskia Renaissance Mask It's basically exactly the same as the cleanser, but the consistency of the product is just a little thicker. It's from the same range renaissance range (same as cleanser), which means it's going to have the same main ingredients. It smells exactly like the cleanser too (I personally love the smell). The mask is really interesting, because once you start massaging it onto the skin it turns white. After you remove it your skin feels so soft, I've rarely used a mask that makes my skin this soft, it's pretty impressive.

What is your favorite Oskia product?


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