Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Cool Tips and Tricks

I am in no way a beauty pro and am always learning new things whether it is from reading articles or even from people in the beauty industry. I really enjoy learning new things, because it forces me to be proactive and always be aware of what’s going on around me. Here are ten helpful things I've learned this year, that I wanna share with you guys.

1. Did you ever notice that when you draw your cat eye with a gel eyeliner it dries gray? Well, it is true. But we all continue to use it because it’s so much easier to draw a straight line than it is with the liquid eyeliner.  However, I found out that if you layer your eyeliners it creates the ultimate desired effect. First create the line you want with the gel eyeliner and then layer the liquid one over your shape. Result, you will have the perfect (winged) cat eye that is the blackest of black.

2. When it comes to layering products, the word pilling is very common. Or at least in my case it is. Since I have a very complex morning skincare routine, I’ve struggled allot with pilling and boy can it be frustrating!! The best way to avoid it is by patting each product you lay on your face and avoiding rubbing with your fingers. Also, the last things you want to apply are the products with iron oxide, talc, mica, or synthetic fluorphlogopite, because they are all ingredients know for pilling.

3. If you have unruly eyebrows and want to keep them in place, there are better methods than eyebrow gel. Try taking a toothbrush and putting some hairspray on it, then brushing it upward and outward through your brows. This holds them in place and does not leave that unnatural feel. I personally prefer this method, than eyebrow gel, because it makes them less crispy.

4. A lot of us struggle with nail-biting habits. I know I did and it took me a lot of self-control and perseverance (and almost two years, to get it under control). But thankfully there are quicker and easier ways of getting rid of it! Hand cream will be your best friend. It smells awesome but it tastes horrible. The good thing is you won’t only get rid of your bad habit, but you’ll have amazingly soft hands (Win, win situation!).

5. Every one, after a few days gets oily hair. That’s just the way it is. But if you are a lazy person, like myself, this method will prolong the days between washing. This is extremely helpful if you have long and thick hair like I do. Take a paper towel and blot it on your oily sections and then add some dry shampoo just to make sure everything smells and looks good. But if you are even lazier just tie your hair up into a messy ponytail and voilĂ , you are set!

6. If you went a bit overboard with dry shampoo and you look like Marie Antoinette, don’t worry! Just brush it out until the color starts to fade. If it still hasn’t faded put some water in your hands and run them through your hair, then blot away the excess water with a paper towel.  

7. Perfume is always tricky, because it is easy to apply too much without realizing it. If that’s the case don’t bother trying to wash it of with water (because perfume isn’t soluble in water), take a cotton bud, dip it in alcohol, and dab it everywhere you spritzed the perfume. This will take off some of the perfume but still leave enough for to satisfy.

8.  We all would like to have rosy cheeks and a slimmer face. This makes blush and bronzer essential. But sometimes it can look a bit overdone, so next time that happens do not rub it off, just take a makeup sponge put some foundation on it and buff it out. Another option is to put some face oil on the sponge and press it on the cheeks. What’s great about the oil option is that it will lift away some of the pigment, without ruining your foundation.

9. If you have a pimple showing a few days before a party or big event the best way to rid yourself of the atrocity is to apply tea tree oil on your pimple as soon as you see it. It’s a product that really works wonders and is affordable.

10. Since it’s fall, bold lips are in, but there’s always the struggle of smudging and reapplying your lipstick. If you want longer lasting lipstick, allow it to set for a few minutes after applying it, blot your lips on a tissue and then dust some translucent powder over them. If you want a more vibrant color just apply another coat, but only after the first few steps otherwise it just gets stickier and smudges more. I know this process can seem a bit complex, but I can guarantee your lipstick will last longer.

Do you know any cool tricks?

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