Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Magic Drops

A few months ago, I was looking on Cult Beauty for some breakout preventing products, when I came across the Odacité range. I read the reviews and it seemed that people liked their products, so I thought I would purchase a few of their oils. I ended up getting three of them. Before I start listing what I got let me just tell you how their line works. So it's pretty simples, you just add a few drops in your moisturizer and apply it on your face. And voilà, your problem areas are cured. They have eighteen different oils, all designed to target different areas. 

The first one I absolutely wanted to try out was the BI + C, which targets pimples. This product helped my skin so much. It cleared it out, without drying it (which I really enjoy). In fact I love this product so much that I've already finished it and purchased a second one... (oups)

The Gr + G is for oily/acne prone skin. I don't really have oily skin but I got it anyways, because it had the word acne in it, so it attracted me. This one really helped me once I got rid of all my pimples to keep them at bay. I use this one only in the evenings.

The last one I got was Jo + L, which is for clogged pores. Unfortunately I didn't really see a difference with this one, it didn't do anything for my pores (sad face). The one thing I really enjoyed about this one though, is that it smells like lavender and the smell helps me relaxes in the evening. 

Did you try the Odacité line? What did you think?

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