Monday, February 2, 2015

Spring Nails

Recently Dior came out with their latest collection called Kingdom of Colors. It started making me look through my makeup collection and see if I had any interesting spring colors. After I found a few products, it just made me realize that I really wanted to purchase something from the line. Unfortunately nothing really appealed to me in the collection accept the nail polishes (I got one of them...). I came to the conclusion that I would just make a post, talking about my favorite spring like colors from Dior (since I have purchased over the years quite a few).

The only nail polish I got from this years collection, was the color Lady (294). It's an absolutely gorgeous light pink color. The formula of the Dior nail polishes are so good, since I'm someone who works a lot with my hands I need good formulas. They don't chip on me but after five days I have to do my nails again.

When going through my nail polish collection I came across this beautiful light baby blue color called Porcelaine (204). Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore, because it came out in last years spring collection. At first when I got it I thought I was never going to wear it, but it's one of my most used Dior nail polishes. The formula is wonderful and two coats achieve an amazing opaque coverage.

When I was picking out my perfect spring colors, I realized that I had only picked out pastel colors, so I thought I might change it up and add a more vibrant color to the mix. Psychedelic Orange (545) is the perfect spring color in my opinion, if you have it in your collection you are lucky (unfortunately it's also not available anymore) I would definitely give it a go for spring! It has very interesting orangy pink tone to it, which makes it very unique. Formula as usual amazing!

Let me know if you have any of these colors and what you think of them?

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