Monday, February 9, 2015

Japanese Skincare Haul

Recently my mom and my sister went on a trip to Japan and unfortunately I couldn't join them (sad face). Since Japan is known to have amazing skincare and beauty products, I had to make it pretty clear that they had to bring me back at least a couple of skincare products. Lucky me they did bring me back a couple things (mostly food) and I thought I would tell you about them, since I always love reading about what other bloggers/youtubers got when they traveled to Asian countries. I don't know why but apparently in Japan sheet masks are very much in, which my mom made pretty clear when she gave me at least a dozen from this brand called Lasa Essence Mask (the ones in the picture are the Royal Jelly, Snail Rose and Pearl). I was pretty impressed I have to say with the quality and results they had on my skin. My favorite out of all, was the Snail Rose one, because it smelled the best (I know you shouldn't judge a product by the smell of it, but it helps) and had the biggest impact on my skin. It hydrated my skin and really helped calm down the redness I have on my cheeks. 
They also surprised me with a facial scrub from a brand called Missha Facial Choco Cacoa Scub. Personally I'm always a bit skeptical of using a scrub on my face, just because I feel like it's too hard on my skin, that's why I prefer chemical exfoliants. The exfoliating beads are so fine that it didn't feel harsh at all and my skin felt so smooth afterwards. Another thing that I absolutely LOVED was the smell, this scrub smelled like actual chocolate, I'm not even kidding you want to eat it (which I did and honestly it's not too bad)! The last thing they got me was a body scrub by Leavl Aloe Massage Soap with Grain Saltpretty self explanatory. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling very hydrated. Oh boy, the smell again! Why do all Japanese products have to smell so wonderful? It really sucks since I won't be able to repurchase them once I used them up...

Have you ever purchased any Asian products? If so which ones? 

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