Monday, April 13, 2015

MAC Brush Collection

Something interesting to know about me, is that before I ever started getting into makeup and skincare the first makeupy products I owned were MAC brushes. I remember my mom giving them to me, because she used to be a MAC lover years ago. I was so excited when she gave them to me that my grandparents would always give me makeup products for kids, like that I could use my brushes! Unfortunately my poor sister (who I used as a guinea pig) was the only one who agreed to sit down for hours, while I applied makeup (very badly) on her face...

Since those days my MAC brush collection has grown quite allot and I don't think it's going to stop there... Going from the left to the right in the picture, the first one is the MAC 150. I use that one for powder and bronzer in summer. It's not too big that I put powder all over my face, but it's the perfect size so I can also have some precision with it. This brush is definitely one that I use all the time. 
The MAC 188, I got once while I was getting my makeup done at a MAC counter and she used this brush to apply my foundation, it looked so good that I had to get it! Unfortunately I dont use it that often anymore (I should though) just because I use another brush to apply my foundation which I'm in love with. 
MAC 224, MAC 217 and MAC 239 are my most used brushes. I use all of them for my eye makeup. The fist one I use to blend everything together or add a bit more depth in the crease. The second one is to add color in the outer V of the eyelid and crease, which I then blend with the previous brush. The flat brush I use if I want to apply a more opaque color all over the eyelid. 
MAC 219 is if I'm going for a more smokey look and need to blend the eyeshadow under the waterline. MAC 266 is an angled brush. I use it if I want to do a cat eye with eyeshadow or I use it for my brows. 
The two last ones were limited editions, so they're not available anymore, but I'm sure they sell similar ones at MAC. MAC 206 (I think... It broke in half, so I can't read the number) I barely use, just because I find the brush too small and I don't really know what I could use it for (still figuring it out)... MAC 316SE was a brush that belong to a set of mini brushes MAC did years ago. It's specifically a lip brush, I use it only if I'm wearing a bold lip that's not matte (which is very rare). 

What are your favorite MAC brushes? 

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