Monday, April 27, 2015

My Workout Routine

My family has always been very active and I think that's the reason why I'm still very active today. My brother is an incredible athlete and he's the one that gives me advice on how to workout and stay in shape (yeah, keeping that body flawless). Since I moved to New York I had to readapt my workout schedule and I feel that now I've found a pretty good workout routine to talk about it. 

To start off my daily routine I take a two day break, just because I have school from 8am to 9pm. So there's no way I can workout during that time (and it's always good to have a break). That's why I don't workout on Monday and Tuesday. But then the rest of the week I have a pretty full workout plan. From Wednesday to Friday I run between 5-7km, by the Chelsea Pier (New York). On sunny days it's so beautiful, because you're running by the water and you have an amazing view, which really motivates me to go outside and get my sweat on! After my runs I always stretch (Very Important), because otherwise I couldn't be able to run the next day without my legs hurting as... Then I always go on XHIT Daily on youtube and do 30 minutes of Core Strengthening Exercises. I love this channel, because they have so many different videos to choose from, so I switch it up all the time. 
On Saturdays I have a 3 hour Pilates class, which concentrates on stretching out and working on your core at the same time. I really love that class, but if you can't afford to pay for a class I'm sure you can find great videos on youtube! And that's pretty much what I do on my Saturdays. Sundays are the days I go for my long runs, which are usually between 7-10km, and again I go to the Chelsea Pier (just because it's so pretty). When I come back I stretch and do only 15 minutes of core exercises (XHIT Daily), because I'm pretty exhausted after that long run. 

When it comes to what I eat, I'm not too careful. I just never eat meet and never eat glutens during the week. So during the week I eat salads, cooked vegetables, rice or soups. The weekend are my cheat days, so I either splurge on sweets or go to a good restaurant with my roommate. 

What does your workout routine look like? 

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