Monday, August 17, 2015

Travel Destination | Southern Ireland

What an incredible time I've had in Ireland. It was definitely one of the most exiting places I've been to, because it was my first time traveling alone with a friend and I also had never been to Ireland before (so two firsts).

As you may all know, I am a coffee obsessive, so no matter where I am in the world I have to have my mooring coffee (no matter what). Well we had quite an adventure in Ireland, when we were looking for a place to get our morning coffee. Unfortunately I discovered the hard way that coffee isn't one of Irelands strong suit. We had spend the night in this tiny B&B in Waterville, and in the morning we walked around to find a coffee shop...NONE! So we went back to the B&B and got coffee there. It pains me just to talk about it. They served us black coffee (and I only get latte's), but I was willing over look it, but when I took my first sip I almost spat it out. It was terrible! They had served us instant coffee, my word was it disgusting! Thank god they gave me milk (I thought), well I have no idea what kind of milk it was (either rotten or goat milk...I don't know) but it was undrinkable. I honestly have never had such bad coffee in my life! At least we can joke about it now:P

Except for this experience which we laugh about all the time now, we had an amazing time in Ireland. Honestly the pictures speak for themselves, the scenery was fairy like. The grass was so green, it seemed like we were in a painting. If you're someone who loves beautiful sceneries, Ireland is definitely your destination, trust me you'll love it!

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