Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Sunday Riley UFO

Hello beautiful! So nothing new... I was browsing around Sephora casually on a Tuesday afternoon, when I came across the Sunday Riley UFO face oil. I've never heard of it or seen it before, so I was really curious to learn more about it and apparently, which I didn't know it's exclusive to Sephora (how could I have missed it). I read the description of the product, and literally without hesitating I was at the check-out. Honestly I spend way too much money on skincare (HELP!). Lol.

If you have problematic skin and suffer from pimples, acne or scaring, you are going to love this oil. Seriously this stuff has magic powers! In New York, because of the constant change of weather, my skin started developing a lot of small spots (not pimples) only on my forehead, which isn't very usual for me. Usually I get pimples on my cheeks, nose and jawline. I started freaking out, because none of the products I use for my regular skin issues was working. I saw the UFO and honestly I was desperate at this point, so that's maybe why I decided to spend 90$ on an oil. Glad I did though! I applied the oil in the evening after cleansing and it sunk in straight away, without leaving my skin feeling greasy, which is what they claim. The next morning my spots weren't completely gone, but a lot of the texture I had (caused by the spots), was visibly reduced. My skin felt really soft and nourished. Not only does this oil treat and prevent acne, but it doesn't strip your skin from all it's moisture, like other acne preventing treatments do.
One issue I do have, but it's not only with this product, but all Sunday Riley products (that I've used so far) is the smell. I legit cannot stand it, it smells like some bad herbs. I really don't know how to describe it, but I don't like it. But I can look passed it, since it's such an amazing product and does such wonders to my skin.
If you want this product to show incredible results, don't use it everyday. I've used it for about one week straight and personally I found that it got less effective with time. That's why now I only use it occasionally when I really need it.

Have you tried the UFO Facial Oil? What did you think?


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